Advanced Ndt Services

Pulsed Eddy Current

Pulsed eddy current equipment has been successfully applied in corrosion detection for several years now. Whereas field experience on insulated objects has grown significantly, the technique's characteristics make it also highly suitable for other field situations where the object surface is rough or inaccessible. Because (surface) preparations can be avoided the tool provides a fast and cost-effective solution for corrosion detection.
This tool was developed for the detection of corrosion under insulation (CUI). It allows the detection of wall thinning areas without removing the insulation. Using this tool to indicate the affected areas can lead to significant cost reduction. Fewer areas need follow-up and less insulation needs to be removed. Also, in case of asbestos insulation the safety hazards are diminished.


  • No loss of production, as inspection can take place while the inspection object is in service.
  • Reduced inspection costs, as insulation material does not need to be removed.
  • Speedy inspection, as surfaces do not require any preparation.
  • Good reproducibility of PEC readings at the same locations.
  • Significantly lowered costs for underwater inspections.
  • Reliable inspection of your offshore well surface casings.